HFUS-20 gear unit output bearings

SHFOP20-XRB harmonic speed riducer gear head bearing is specially designed for HFUS-20 gear unit, it has the feature of high rigidity, high running accuracy, high precision and high transmission ratio, meanwhile, it’s ultra-thin and light weight.

SHF-20 harmonic reducer bearing
SHFOP20-XRB output bearing for SHF-20-2UH harmonic reducer, HFUS-20 gear unit

SHFOP-XRB output bearing structure
SHFOP-XRB output bearing structure
d 54 mm
D 90 mm
H 18.5 mm
D1 12*φ3.5mm*84mm  NO.*SIZE*PCD
d1 16*M3*62mm  NO.*SIZE*PCD
S1 80  Main Seal
S2 72.6(1.5*2.7)  O ring groove(m*n)
Mass 0.46 kg

Besides SHF|SHG harmonic reducer gear unit, SHF output bearings also suited for applications like industiral robots, packaging machines, printing machines, medical equipments, etc.

More size options

SHFOP14-XRB (38/35.6*70*15.1mm)
SHFOP17-XRB (44.1*80*17mm)
SHFOP20-XRB (54*90*18.5mm)
SHFOP25-XRB (66*110*20.7mm)
SHFOP32-XRB (84*142*24.4mm)
SHFOP40-XRB (106*170*30mm)
SHFOP50-XRB (135*214*36mm)

Customized type available, please contact us for details.(rigia@brsbearing.com)



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