SHF-20 harmonic reducer output bearing surface black oxide treated

SHFOP20-XRB bearing

Luoyang BRS Bearing started to produce crossed roller bearings for CSF/SHF/CSD harmonic speed reducer gearhead since 2010, and continuously improve production technics with the increasing demand from customers.

BRS can produce customized type output bearings for various type of drive units, and provide special surface treatment such as black oxide treated to ensure bearings’ good performance under severe operating conditions.

SHFOP20-XRB harmonic reducer output bearing

Size 54*90*18.5mm

Structure: crossed roller slewing bearing, integrated inner and outer rings

Application: SHF/SHG-2UH type harmonic reducer


Related Models:

Part Number  Major Dimensions (mm)
D d# H
SHFOP14-XRB 70 38*5-35.6*9.6 15.1
SHFOP17-XRB 80 47*6.5-44.1*9.9 17
SHFOP20-XRB 90 54 18.5
SHFOP25-XRB 110 68*7.5-66*12.2 20.7
SHFOP32-XRB 142 88*8-84*14.5 24.4
SHFOP40-XRB 170 108*9-106*19 30
SHFOP50-XRB 214 135 36

If you need further info. please feel free to contact us (, our technician is at your service.



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