Main features and classification of cross-roller bearings for strain wave drive

Strain wave drive is also called harmonic drive speed reducer, its main components including wave generator, flex gear, ring gear, and cross roller bearing. The wave generator also contains thin raced ball bearing(flexible bearing). It overturns the traditional power transmission mode, and has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high torque load, high rigidity, excellent positioning accuracy and rotation precision, and is widely used in the following fields:
Industrial robot / intelligent robot
Multi-axis robotic arm for home or industrial use
Precision processing machinery
Wind power fan blade control
Aerospace and marine science

CSF32-XRB bearingCSF-32 strainwave drive gear units bearing

As one of the most important components of the strain wave drive, the quality and service life of the crossed roller bearing (output bearings of harmonic reducer) are essential. The cross-roller ring of harmonic reducer gear units is very different in shape and structure from the ordinary crossed roller bearing. Firstly the mounting holes, especially the inner ring of the CSF|CSG series harmonic reducer bearing, tapped holes of different PCD & specifications are placed on the inner ring from the outside to the inside. Secondly, there is a big difference in the heat treatment process. Although the materials are all made of GCr15 bearing steel, BRS Bearing adopt a special technic during the heat treatment processing of inner and outer ring, in order to ensure the accuracy of each positioning hole and mounting hole.

Harmonic reducer cross roller bearing main features:
* High load capacity, and can withstand loads from all directions
* High rigidity
* Dimension and running accuracy meet international standards
* Smooth rotation
* Small size and light weight
* Easy installation and maintenance
* Structure and size can be customized

According to the different structures and types of harmonic reducer bearings, the corresponding crossed roller bearings are also divided into the following types:

CSF|CSG series harmonic reducer cross roller bearing (outer ring integral outer ring split type)
SHF series harmonic reducer cross roller bearing (inner and outer ring integrated type)
CSD series harmonic reducer cross roller bearing (inner and outer ring integrated type)

Since 2018, China has been actively promoting the development of the industrial robot industry. The demand for harmonic reducers in China has been further improved. Therefore, the bearing suppliers for harmonic reducers, including BRS Bearing, are constantly improving their manufacturing technic and optimizing the production process, so as to improve the competitiveness of Chinese harmonic reducer bearing products in the international market.



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