Analysis of Heat Generation of Harmonic Reducer Bearings

As the core components of industrial robots, harmonic reducers usually use crossed roller bearings and flexible bearings, and will rotate at relatively high speeds, sometimes will generate a lot of heat. If this phenomenon is not eliminated in time, it will cause the harmonic reducer bearing to overheat and cause thermal deformation of the corresponding part of the harmonic reducer due to temperature increase, which not only affects the accuracy of the harmonic reducer itself but also the positioning accuracy of the robot. If the situation is severe, overheat may reduce the harmonic drive service life or cause robot failures.

harmonic reducer bearing

Below are analysis of reasons which may lead to the heat generation of harmonic reducer bearing and the recommended solutions:

1. The harmonic reducer crossed roller bearing is damaged.
Solution: Replace the bearing.

2. The accuracy of the harmonic reducer bearing is too low.
Solution: Select high-precision crossed roller bearings, such as the cross-roller ring of P5 precision produced by BRS Bearing.

3. The spindle is bent or the hole of the box is not concentric.
Solution: Repair the spindle or gear box.

4. The lubrication of the harmonic reducer bearing is poor.
Solution: After cleaning the bearing, use the specified grade of grease.

5, Improper installation
Solution: Install the bearing according to the cross roller bearing installation method.

6. The inner/outer ring of the harmonic reducer bearing is loose.
Solution: Replace the wear parts of harmonic reducer bearings or related components.

7. The axial force is too large.
Solution: Clean and adjust the fit clearance of the sealing and ring.



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