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RIGIA is a bearing brand of Luoyang BRS Bearing Co.,Ltd, it originates from “Rigidity Industry Automation Bearing”. Committing to the rapid development of industrial automation, BRS Bearing Company provides complete solutions to fullfill customers’ requirements on bearing rotary precision, rigidity, and structure.

With regard to different applications and performance, RIGIA Bearing products can be classified as follows:
1. Precision crossed cylindrical roller bearings
2. Negative clearance (pre-load) slewing bearings
3. Precision angular contact ball bearings
4. Special bearings such as YRT rotary bearing, ultra-thin walled ball bearing, turntable bearings with special coatings and materials etc.

Luoyang BRS Bearing Co.,Ltd started to develop and produce the output bearings for harmonic speed reducer since 2010, and continuous to research and make innovations based on customers’ feedback and foreign products’ characteristics. There are mainly 2 series of output bearings for harmonic drive reducer, CSF/CSG series(integrated inner ring and separable outer ring) and SHF/SHG series(integrated inner&otuer ring). The harmonic speed reducer unit bearings belong to heavy-duty crossed roller bearings, which can take high axial/radial loads and the tilting moment at the same time, meanwhile ensures the high running accuracy.



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