CSF17-XRB output bearings for CSF|CSG-17 drive unit

CSF17-XRB output bearings
Model: CSF17-XRB
Structure: crossed cylindrical roller bearing, separable outer ring with compact inner ring, suited for where high rotation accuracy of inner ring is required.
Application: CSF/CSG-17 harmonic reducer drive unit, CSF-17-2UH unit

CSF harmonic reducer output bearing Structure
CSF harmonic reducer output bearing Structure
d 10 mm
D 62 mm
H 16.5 mm
Mass 0.27 kg

Other CSF series output bearing models:



CSD-2UH unit output bearings

CSD series high stiffness cross roller bearing is designed to support output loads of CSD series harmonic drive unit.
This output bearing can withstand high axial and radial forces as well as high tilting moments. The reduction gear is thus protected from external loads, so guaranteeing a long life and constant performance. CSD output bearing’s compact structure also serves to reduce subsequent design, production and assembly cost, by removing the need for additional output bearings in many applications.

BRS-RIGIA specialized in output bearings for CSD-2UH unit , suited for below units:

To learn more about our company or get the Installation Instructions of CSD-2UH unit output bearings regarding the installation size, weight, basic dynamic load rating, load, limiting speed, and clearance, please contact us(rigia@brsbearing.com). Drawing and sample of CSD-2UH unit output bearings are available upon request.

SHF-2UH harmonic reducer output bearings

SHF series harmonic reducer output bearing 2UH type(hollow shaft) has the feature of high rigidity, high running accuracy, high precision and high transmission ratio, meanwhile, it’s ultra-thin and light weight, specially suited for applications like harmonic reducer output terminal, industiral robots, packaging machines, printing machines, medical equipments, etc.

SHF-2uh harmonic speed reducer drive unit bearings
SHF-2uh harmonic speed reducer drive unit bearings, SHF output bearings

RIGIA started to produce output bearings for harmonic drive unit since 2010, and continuously improve the design and production technology according to customer’s feedback.

SHFOP-XRB output bearing structure
SHFOP-XRB output bearing structure

SHF series harmonic drive gearhead bearing belongs to heavy duty crossed roller bearings, it can undertake both high axial and radial forces as well as high tilting moments. SHF output bearing’s inner and outer ring are both compact section, the integration of this output bearing significantly reduces the design, manufacturing and assembly costs.

Based on above features, SHF output bearings are widely applied in the following fields: industrial robot, printing, bookbinding and paper machine, optical machine, semiconductor manufacturing systems, crating and packaging machines, space equipments, power machinery engineering, etc.

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CSF-XRB harmonic reducer output bearings


CSF-XRB crossed roller bearing for harmonic speed reducer drive unit

Harmonic speed reducer drive is a special form of power transmission, it has the advantage of high transmission ratio, high precision, and high loading capacity. Besides, compared with conventional transmission mode, harmonic drive unit is smaller and lighter.

BRS-RIGIA specialized in output bearings for harmonic speed reducer since 2010, CSF-XRB crossed roller bearing is specially designed for CSF/CSG harmonic reducer drive unit. Its outer ring is separable and inner ring adopt integrated structure. Both inner ring and outer ring are processed with many precision holes for connecting with working parts.

Harmonic speed reducer output bearing has a wide range of application in electronics industry, industrial automation, industrial robots, packaging machines, printing machines, space equipment, and medical equipment because of its high precision, high rigidity and high transmission ratio.

Luoyang BRS Bearing Co.,Ltd manufactures CSF-XRB Series cross roller bearing with high precision, compact structure, good sealing effect, high loading capacity and high rigidity. It’s popular in domestic market, and also got favorable reputation from customers of Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Europe. To learn CSF-
XRB series’ price, detailed parameters, usage and installation, maintanence or other infomation please contact us(rigia@brsbearing.com).


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