SHF-50-2UH harmonic speed reducer output bearing

SHF-50-2UH harmonic speed reducer output bearing can undertake high radial/axial loads and tilting moment, provide stable rotation with high running accuracy, easy installation, light weight.

CSD-2UH unit output bearings

CSD series high stiffness cross roller bearing is designed to support output loads of CSD series harmonic drive unit. This output bearing can withstand high axial and radial forces as well as high tilting moments.

SHF-2UH harmonic reducer output bearings

SHF series harmonic reducer output bearing 2UH type(hollow shaft) has the feature of high rigidity, high running accuracy, high precision and high transmission ratio, meanwhile, it's ultra-thin and light weight, specially suited for applications like harmonic reducer output terminal, industiral robots, packaging machines, printing machines, medical equipments, etc.

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